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Saratoga Hosting Plans Domain Name Registration Technical Support and Customer Service Hosting Video Tutorials Design, Consulting, and Other Services Contact Saratoga Hosting allows CGI to be used on all Virtual Servers. CGI can be resource intensive however, and because a Virtual Server must be shared with other users, we must prevent the excessive use and abuse of CGI resources by any one account on a shared server. There are several reasons why has created its CGI Abuse policy for its virtual server users.

What does consider "CGI ABUSE"?

Any site whose CGI programs are using excessive amounts of system resources. Excessive amounts is defined as any amount that results in substantial degradation of server performance. is the sole determinant of what consititues degraded server performance. Feel free to contact with any questions you may have regarding this.

Due to their use of flat files instead of databases, does not allow the use of CGI-based bulletin boards, such as UBB (InfoPop) or YABB. Use of these boards for large or very active forums, results in system performance degradation, and cannot be allowed in our shared server environment. is happy to provide you with excellent PHP-based message board software such as SMF (Simple Machines Forum). SMF is excellent much more efficient, faster, database-driven alternative to other bulletin boards.

Using Custom php.ini File In Your Account is normally PROHIBITED but some exceptions are made:
If you run PHP scripts on your site you might require, in some cases, a php.ini file to be present in certain folders. HOWEVER you must not use any directives that bypass our server's intended PHP configuration, security settings, and maximum resource limits. Doing so can cause excessive resource usage, security risks, and your account may be terminated. All php.ini files discovered that violate our terms WILL BE DELETED WITHOUT NOTICE. If you believe you have a valid need for your own php.ini you must contact us first.

Why does have this policy?

Server Speed and Fairness to others
We want our services to be fast and efficient for the satisfaction of our customers. A Virtual Server is shared. As such, there are many accounts per machine. In all fairness, cannot allow one or two clients to use all of the System resources on a shared machine and have all other clients on the machine suffer because of it.

What happens if I violate this policy?
All accounts that are found to be using excessive amounts of system resources will receive an email warning from This warning will inform you that there is too much CGI running and it will provide options for reducing the usage or upgrading your server. If you do not reduce the usage within 24 hours of the email being sent, your CGI scripts will be disabled.