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We provide hosting for everything you need from small personal web sites to full-scale business sites. Here are just some of the features our hosting plans include:

  • Personal control panel for administrating your site's features, email accounts, and more.
  • Site management software (such as WordPress and Sytist) installation services at no charge.
  • FREE SSL and proper security encryption for all sites. PCI Compliant and E-Commerce ready!
  • Customizable anti-spam filtering and anti-virus controls right at the server level.
  • Assistance with getting started on everything from setting up email to accessing your hosting account.
  • Personalized email tech support and 24 hour urgent phone support, all in plain English from an account expert in the USA.


Our domain name registration, renewal, and transfer services put YOU in control of your domain name at all times. Unlike some places who appoint themselves as the administrator of your domain, here you have full access and control over your domain registration at all times. You are the sole owner. The benefits are clear:

  • Always easy access to your domain registration and no hassles, even if your contact information has changed.
  • Your domain name registration access will never be hindered by "sales" people or unnecessary red-tape.
  • Log in and change any aspect of your registration or even move it, any time you wish.
  • No need for any intervention from us at all when you make changes to your domain registration.
  • If you ever do want our assistance with DNS changes or domain registration updates, just ask and you'll receive it.
  • Whois Privacy Protection services (optional) to hide your personal contact info from marketers and undesirables.
  • Your domain is treated as your intellectual property here, not as a tool to try to sell you things you don't need.


We know that moving your web site (and sometimes domain registrations) to a new host can be a challenging and sometimes difficult process. Here are just a few services that we offer to make it easy for you:

  • We offer seamless migration of full web sites and databases (including WordPress and Sytist).
  • We can backup your existing web site and upload it to your new hosting account for you.
  • We can handle the upgrades and installations of your web site software and PHP scripts.
  • We can provide full expert assistance with domain name registration transfers, even if you're stuck in a tricky situation.
  • We liaison directly with you and your current service provider to resolve roadblocks, mitigate hassles, and alleviate your worries!
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