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PHP Scripts and Security


  • mySQL Databases for Scripts
    Most PHP scripts (such as message boards, forums, carts, blogs, and galleries) will require a mySQL database to run. Each hosting plan from us comes with the ability to create certain amount of mySQL databases (which can be deleted when no longer in use to make room for other scripts). Creating a...
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  • How to protect your script and update or upgrade it
    All PHP script developers publish occasional security updates, patches, and upgrades for their scripts on a fairly regular basis (just like the software on your computer needs to be updated, so does the software on your web site).Keeping your script safe means checking for those updates frequently...
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  • PHP script important facts to READ FIRST
    BEFORE YOU INSTALL A PHP SCRIPT, READ THIS FIRST ALL scripts require that you keep them upgraded and updated on a frequent basis. Whether you're using a message board, forum, photo gallery, shopping cart, or blog etc... Hackers are always finding new ways to exploit current versions of the script...
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  • Maintaining BACKUPS of your script installation
    You can and should always maintain updated backups of your site, your scripts, and your databases.     NOTE - It is NOT recommended to generate full backups of your entire site via the hosting control panel (cPanel). Only database backups should be done via your cPanel. Backups of your actual...
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  • PROPER CLEANUP for un-installing a script and removing the files
    It's important to un-install scripts that are no longer in use on your site, but equally important to make sure you remove remnants that are left behind by most scripts.Here are the proper methods to do it:IF YOU INSTALLED THE SCRIPT MANUALLY - Use FTP software to FTP in to the server and delete...
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  • Correct Folder and FIle Permissions on PHP scripts
    Because we run suPHP (a PHP security module that makes your scripts more secure) and suEXEC it is important to note that the "Permissions" settings (often referred to as CHMOD) on your files and folders may likely be slightly different than stated in the installation instructions of your PHP...
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    When working with certain scripts they will tell you their server requirements for the script to run and be compatible with the server environment you are hosted in. Here are the basic environment details of all the servers at Saratoga Hosting: Operating System / Platform: CloudLinux mySQL...
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