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Inbox Full Email Warnings

How to prevent your devices from leaving copies on server and stop exceeding quotas.


  • A Basic Explanation and Tips First - START HERE
    If you're reading this article then it's probably because you've either received a notice that your email inbox is reaching quota limit or someone has told you that they sent you a message that bounced back to them saying your inbox was full. If that's the case then you should take a moment to...
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  • Set Computer Email to Remove Messages From Server
    PROBLEM - Some email software programs on your computer are by default set to leave copies of messages on the server indefinitely (mainly Mac OSX Mail, but also sometimes others) and that's not a good thing. Leaving copies of your email messages on the server indefinitely and setting your "Quota"...
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  • Set Droid to Remove Messages from Server
    How to set your Android email app to remove messages from the server after a certain number of days (to help avoid exceeding inbox quotas and bounced emails). Preface: Leaving copies of your email messages on the server indefinitely is a bad idea. Setting your "Quota" limit to higher than 100mb...
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  • Set iPhone or iPad to Remove Messages from Server
    PROBLEM - By default your iPhone will never delete messages from the server unless you have it specified in the iPhone settings. This presents two possible problems you're likely to encounter: A) Your inbox quota on the server becomes full and rejects incoming messages if you have a reasonable...
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