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Security and Privacy


  • Domain Privacy Protection and Theft Protection
    Transfer Lock and Whois Privacy are both highly recommended features to have on your domain registration.   Transfer Lock is a safety feature that prevents your domain name registration from being transferred to a different registrar without you first logging in and unlocking it.   Whois Privacy...
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  • Domain registration / renewal scams - how to protect yourself
    One of the latest "fads" in scams related to domain names is now reaching it's peak of popularity and sweeping the globe, and that is the theft of domain registrations and the shady tactic of one registrar trying to scam a customer away from another registrar. Another sort of scam that is becoming...
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  • How to perform a whois lookup
    You can do a whois lookup of any domain name by simply going to http://domains.saratogahosting.com/domain-registration/domain-whois-lookup.php The search results will display information about the registrant / owner of the domain, the registrar where the domain is registered, the date the name...
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