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When working with certain scripts they will tell you their server requirements for the script to run and be compatible with the server environment you are hosted in. Here are the basic environment details of all the servers at Saratoga Hosting:

Operating System / Platform: CloudLinux

mySQL version: 5.6xx  (also mySQLi is installed on all servers in case your script requires it)

PHP version: 5.6 is native default on most of our servers. PHP 7 and 7.1 are also an option on some of our servers.

cPanel version: Always updated to the latest Release tier.

Apache version: 2.4.xx

HTTP version: HTTP/2.0

TLS version: 1.2

curl: Enabled / Yes , curlSSL

mod_rewrite: Enabled

register_globals: Disabled / OFF

PHP safe_mode: Disabled / OFF

magic_quotes_gpc: Disabled / OFF

GD Library: Installed  / Enabled

ImageMagick / Imagick: Installed / Enabled

FreeType Librabry: Installed / Enabled

ioncube loader: Enabled , 5.1.x

mcrypt: Installed

Gettext: Enabled

Zlib: Enabled

Zip: Enabled

SSL: All accounts are provided with free DV SSL certificates (and the option to purchase your own SSL certificate if you wish)

SSH / Shell Acces: NOT granted in our shared hosting plans, no exceptions

Custom php.ini files: NOT allowed and will be removed without notice to ensure that our carefully tested PHP settings are not bypassed

IMPORTANT: we run suPHP (this means that folder permissions must be set to 755 instead of 777, and file permissions must be set to 644 instead of 666)

If you need more information or have questions please submit a support ticket.


Our Data Center:

Saratoga Web Hosting's New York City servers are located in the secured facility at Telehouse Data Center at 85 10th Ave, New York, NY 10011

We're in the "Chelsea" data center, and you can see very detailed information & photos (and even schedule a tour to visit in person!) by clicking here.

As you can see - We use real actual state of the art equipment, at a real actual state of the art data center with all of the technology / security / backup generators / connection redundancy that you would expect from the largest hosting company that you can imagine, and yet we remain a small personalized service. Our NYC data center is staffed with expert technicians who are available 24/7 to handle any hardware emergencies, while our Saratoga staff are experienced technicians capable of providing you with direct server support on all levels. When you speak to your SH tech you'll never hear the words "I need to escalate this issue to a supervisor" or "raise a ticket with a different department". Your support contact here has full access to & knowledge of every aspect of the servers.

Each server in our New York City D.C. has the following hardware / software / technical specs:

Processors - Dual Intel Xeon E5-2620v3 CPU's (for total of 24 cores per server @ 2.4GHz 15MB Cache per CPU)
RAM - 64GB (64 Gigabyte)
2x1TB SSD's - Two "1 Terabyte" Solid State Drives, significantly faster than traditional mechanical hard drives.
(The secondary drive in each box serves as direct backup, master drive & all customer accounts backed-up from the master to secondary 3 nights per week)
1Gbps Public Uplink - 1 Gigabit per second (1,000 Megabit per second) connection on the public side for fast connectivity to the world.
1Gbps Private Upink - The "back-end private" server side also gets it's own separate fast uplink.
cPanel (always latest Release) - The best hosting control panel in the world, kept updated nightly to the "Release" tier for all modern features, but with tested stability.
PHP / mySQL / Apache / SSL - All of the software modules and tools necessary to run modern scripts (WordPress, Sytist, etc..) and e-commerce.
CloudLinux - CL provides the kind of resource protection that all shared hosts need, but not all have. Load balancing and other security features help prevent "bad neighbor effect" by preventing any one single customer from using all server resources, protecting against any one single customer with problem scripts from affecting other customers, and much more.

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