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Although it is always best to email support AT saratogahosting.com (replace the spaces and AT with an @ symbol like any normal email addeess) in every case, naturally there are some things that require phone assistance and that a voice call can make easier.

Our Phone Number is 518-615-4678 (that's 518-615-HOST)

Although we host web sites from all over the world, we are 100% based in the United States and speak English only.  We do NOT outsource calls to third-party companies or anyone outside the U.S.A.

You will speak live with an experienced technician who has full access to your server and can fully address your questions, rather than someone in an unknown call center reading off of a script. 

General Phone Support Hours: 9:00am to 5:00pm EST

Urgent Phone Support Hours: 24 Hours a day, every day.

We are happy to provide free phone support, but it is important to define which types of support fall under the category of free and which types of support fall outside of that scope.

FREE SUPPORT - Naturally any service that we provide is covered by free phone support - server accessibility, up-time, hosting account configuration, FTP access, use of your hosting control panel, domain name registrations you've registered here, and other similar issues directly related to hosting and the servers are considered free support topics. Basically, if the issue is with a service that we're providing for you then the issue is covered under your free support for the service you're paying for here.

PAID SUPPORT - Occasionally we receive requests for help with things that go outside the scope of the web hosting service and domain service that we provide, and sometimes those requests fall into the category of paid consulting services. (For example: "how do I build a web site?" or "how do I operate / fix a problem with my computer?" or "how do I use my software on my computer?"). In some cases we can provide a brief complimentary assistance for such requests, but if for example you obtained a piece of software from Microsoft or Apple or Adobe and you don't know how to use it, then depending on your request it may require paid assistance. Basically - if the issue is with a product or piece of software that you did not purchase from us, then it may fall under the category of paid consulting services. Our standard hourly rate for all consulting is $40 per hour and we accept PayPal and all major Credit Cards / Debit Cards.

Please click here for more details on what is considered free support or paid consulting.

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