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Is phone support free?

Naturally anything directly related to our hosting service and servers is covered by free telephone support provided that it falls within the scope of the service that you are subscribed to  -  a live web hosting account with us, a domain name registered through us, server accessablity, account configuration, FTP access, using your hosting control panel, and other similar issues directly related to hosting and the servers are considered free support topics. In every case, we will always help you to the fullest extent possible and we will never automatically charge you for any extra consulting service that you have not specifically requested. Always feel free to submit a support ticket first, and we will always try to provide assistance and we will always let you know if an issue might possibly fall outside the scope of free support. The basic rule of thumb is this - when in doubt, simply contact us and we'll go from there.

Ocassionally, however, there are requests and topics that go beyond just hosting service and can sometimes fall into the category of paid consulting services (for example: "how do I build a web site?" or "how do I operate software on my computer?" or computer problems that exist on your end).  In some cases it is important to define which types of support fall under the category of free (directly related to the service that we provide) and which types of support fall outside that scope. To provide a general guideline as to what might be considered free support and what might be considered paid consutling here are some basic concepts:

- Username / Password retrieval and changes
- Operating your Hosting Control Panel (cPanel)
- Access to your FTP, cPanel, and hosting account info
- Server difficulties and/or connection issues
- Initial hosting account setup
- Billing and subscription questions
- General domain registration questions (domains registered through us)

- Teaching you how to work with HTML code
- Teaching you how to work with graphics and web page design
- Teaching you how to use your computer
- Teaching you how to install and maintain your web site software and PHP scripts
- Teaching you how to use email software
- Assistance with third-party scripts and software (galleries, message boards, carts, blogs, etc...)
- Repairing mis-configured / broken / hacked scripts and software
- Assistance with domain registrations that are registered through other companies who tend to be difficult regardings transfers at updates

Don't let these guidelines scare you away from requesting support - in most cases we already have answers and can easily assist you for free, and paid consulting occurrences are very rare. We will always try our best to help you for free! It is simply important for us to notate some type of limitations due to fact that occasionally some customers assume that their subscription to a hosting service means that the host automatically becomes their personal computer / webmastering consultant, which is not the case. In the rare instance that you might require paid assistance we will provide a quote for the job or task you have in mind. Our consulting rate is $35 per-hour for issues that fall outside the boundaries of our responsibility as your web hosting provider.

Again, simply contact us first. There is never an up-front or automatic charge, and we always try to go above and beyond the normal call of duty to assist you. There is no risk in contacting support with a question. In fact, we encourage you to ask questions about EVERYTHING / ANYTHING before you attempt something, so that we can at the very list provide advice and guideance in the right direction.

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