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How to be prepared for a support call

Here is a checklist of the things that will make your support call go fast and smooth if you have them ready:

1. Be at a computer with a working internet connection (if possible), ready to view web pages.

2. Have any account credentials ready that you can think of - if something you need assistance with requires a login that we did not assign you (such as your email password or a website admin login), we will need it in order to help you.

3. If your call is in regard to billing with PayPal please make sure you are logged in to your PayPal account before calling.

4. It is very helpful if you know what operating system is on your computer and what versions of software (such as web browser and email client) that you use.

Being at a computer with as many details handy as possible and ready to log in to any related accounts will make the support call quick and get your problems solved much more efficiently.

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