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What is an OFF-SITE Email Address and why should I provide one?

WHAT IT IS - An "OFF-SITE" email address is an alternative email address that does not use your domain name. For example - a Gmail or Hotmail etc... address that is reliable to contact you with.

WHY YOU SHOULD HAVE/PROVIDE ONE - A reliable alternative email contact address for many reasons, such as the following examples:

- If you are moving your web site from another host to us we create an account for your domain here on our server network, which means that any emails sent from our system will attempt to send it to the inbox on our system. If your domain / site are still hosted somewhere else, then any messages sent to an address @ your domain will attempt to deliver to your account here on our network, not your current/previous host, and therefore may bounce and/or you may not receive them during the move process.

- If by chance you have a mis-hap with your domain (such as an accidental domain name expiration or improper DNS update) then your domain name itself can begin to not "resolve" and therefore you wouldn't receive any emails that are @ your domain if it is down and you may miss critical alerts.

Those are just a couple of examples of possible breakdowns in important communications that can occur during site moves or domain transfers or accidental registration expirations.

By providing an "off-site" email address that you check regularly you can be assured of receiving important email notifications without interference causes by such situations.

PROFESSIONAL TIP - It is ALWAYS best to use a reliable "off-site" email address (such as a Gmail, Hotmail, etc...) for things like Domain Name Registration contacts and Hosting Account contacts because if you ever make a mistake on a registration or have a problem with your domain's hosting account, with an OFF-SITE email account you will still receive important confirmation emails without any hassles. Just make sure that you use an email account that you check regularly and keep updated.

If you are confused by any of this or have questions please submit a support ticket and we'll be happy to give you a call and explain everything to your understanding.

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