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FileZilla Connection Issues

If you've been using FileZilla for a while with no problems and suddenly you're having trouble connecting, it is likely due to the setting changes that the recent update makes when you install it.

In early 2015 FileZilla developers released version 3.10 and with the update they made it so that by default FileZilla will use the "Explicit FTP over TLS" protocol when connecting. This means that if you use the "Quickconnect" bar in FileZilla, you must remove "21" from the Port setting and leave it blank, since FileZilla will now attempt to connect via a secure TLS port. (Also, the first time you connect with FileZilla after upgrading to any version older than 3.10 you'll see an "Uknown certificate" popup window, so just put a check mark in the box next to "Always trust certificate in future sessions" and click OK in the popup window).

If removing the port number from your Quickconnect bar does not resolve your issue - click here and follow the FTP SETUP STEPS for the Site Manager feature in FileZilla. (We always recommend using the Site Manager in any case). If you have followed the FTP SETUP STEPS and entered your settings properly and are still having trouble connecting please submit a support ticket and we will happily assist you.

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