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Trouble sending mail? Can't send email? SMTP errors?

This article is mainly for users who are having trouble sending email from a COMPUTER, but it does contain some information relevant to MOBILE devices as well. However, if you're still having trouble sending email from a MOBILE device then you should also click here for phone related articles.
There are a couple possible / common reasons why you might be running into a problem sending email with the email account that you have set up on your domain.
If you can receive email OK but you get an error when trying to send, please read this article carefully.

THE FIRST THING TO DO is check your email software settings to make sure that:

A) Your username is correct (your username is your full email address) and

B) Your outgoing SMTP server is mail.example.com (replacing example.com with your domain name) and

C) MAKE SURE SMTP AUTHENTICATION IS ENABLED in your email software. (In most email clients the section is described in your settings as "My Outgiong SMTP Requires Authentication" , but if you're having trouble finding this setting in your email software we can help you over the phone and via remote screen connection).

IF THAT DOES NOT SOLVE YOUR SENDING PROBLEM then it is possible that you might need to use your Internet Service Provider's Outgoing SMTP server. In that case, please read the information below and also feel free to submit a support ticket request to us.

Background - Some major ISP's such as Verizon, BellSouth, AT&T, Comcast, and many more have started blocking Port 25 SMTP outgoing mail from external domains (hoping to curb spam) and that puts web site owners in a bit of a hassle.

In some cases a simple request to your ISP will get them to unblock Port 25 for you, or sometimes simply using Port 587 for your SMTP will work, but in some cases your ISP may instead require you to use their SMTP server setting for outgoing mail.

This is NOT an incorrect setup or restriction imposed by us! Regardless of what the level-one tech / phone rep at your ISP might think or try to tell you - if you can receive email but cannot send email through the same connection with them and you've already carefully checked solutions A, B, C, and D above, then they're blocking your outgoing mail access from your hosted domain.  

In such a case - call your ISP and:

FIRST - LET THEM KNOW THAT IT'S AFFECTING YOUR BUSINESS EMAILS, AND ASK THEM NICELY TO UN-BLOCK PORT 25 FOR YOU AND THIS WILL LIKELY RESOLVE YOUR PROBLEM. Some ISP's will actually unblock this access for you when you politely ask them to and let them know why you're making the request.

If your ISP is still unwilling to un-block port 25 and you're unable to get around the issue by changing your Outgoing Mail SMTP port setting to Port 587 in your email client software, then you may be required by your ISP (internet service provider) to use their SMTP server for the outgoing setting instead of mail.example.com (replacing example.com with your domain). In that case:

1. Ask support at your ISP for the master username and password from your ISP for the Outgoing SMTP server they have for your location so that you have it ready.

2. Ask support at your ISP what your OUTGOING SMTP SERVER is with them and in your email software change your SMTP server to whatever your ISP tells you your SMTP server is with them (it will typically be something like smtp.bellsouth.net or smtp.verizon.net or something similar, but you'll need to get the exact one from them, as many ISP's tend to have several different SMTP servers based on your location).

3. Set your Outgoing SMTP settings to  "My Outgoing (SMTP) Requires Authentication" in your email software.
4. Instead of using "Use same settings as my incoming mail server" , select "Log On Using" and enter the SMTP username and password given to you by your ISP.

Remember to leave your INCOMING POP server settings set to the one for your domain (mail.example.com, replacing example.com with your domain of course) if your incoming email is working fine.

This will make it so that you still RECEIVE email via your normal POP setting (your email address, mail.example.com) but when you SEND OUT email it goes through via the SMTP server of your ISP.

The problem should then be resolved. It's actually quite simple, but the hard part is getting a support representative from your ISP on the telephone who knows the correct SMTP server for your location/account with them, and can give you your master username/password for access through their SMTP server.

If you are still having difficulty please submit a support ticket here at the HelpDesk.

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