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No Email Coming in, or Inbox Full Warnings

If you have an email account set up on your domain with us, and it has suddenly stopped receiveing email, bouncing email, or you have received warnings about your Inbox space becoming full, this article will help you.
TYPICAL REASON - You probably have your email software set to "leave mail on the server", which means that even though you're pulling the message down to your computer and viewing them with your email software, it's still leaving all copies on the server, and thus filling up your inbox quota on the server (which you have the power to change, as we will discuss later in this article). 

HOW TO SET YOUR EMAIL SOFTWARE TO REMOVE THE MESSAGES FROM THE SERVER AFTER YOU DOWNLOAD THEM INTO YOUR COMPUTER'S EMAIL SOFTWARE - Look in your email software (on your computer) configuration for the setting to disable leaving emails on the server. If you do not know how to do this, please submit a support ticket and tell us what email software you use. (For examples - MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Thunderbird, Mac Mail, etc...) 

HOW TO CLEAN UP YOUR INBOX ON THE SERVER VIA WEBMAIL - As additional measure, you can use the WEBMAIL feature of your hosting account to log in and remove messages that were left behind from your previous settings. To access webmail:
1. Type your domain name into a web browser (on a computer connected to the internet) and at the end of your domain name add /webmail/ and hit enter.
EXAMPLE: www.example.com/webmail/ (replace example.com with your domain name)

2. You may possibly get a security certificate warning from your browser because we use a private / non-published cert for protecting secure areas. Tell your browser that yes you want to continue anyway / allow the page to display.
3. You will then be prompted for the username and password of the email account that you would like to log into. Your username is *your full email address* and your password is whatever you assigned to that account.

An example would be:
Username: you@example.com (replace example.com with your domain name)
Password: yourpassword

Note that usernames (your email address) should be all lower-case letters, and passwords are case-sensitive!

4. This will bring you to a choice of webmail interfaces - (Horde, SquirrelMail, or RoundCube)

From within either of those webmail programs you can move messages from the Inbox to Trash, and then EMPTY TRASH. Please contact us if you need assistance with this.

HOW TO GIVE MY EMAIL INBOX MORE SPACE - You can set the quota (how much disk space to allow an email account) by logging into your hosting control panel (example - example.com/cpanel) and then clicking the MAIL icon. Inside the MAIL section click the ADD/REMOVE/MANAGE ACCOUNTS link. This will display your email accounts. Click the QUOTA button next to the account you qish to change quota for. (Note - be careful not to set this quota higher than the available free disk space on your account. We recommend a setting of 20 or 30 megabytes).
CAN'T FIGURE IT OUT?  - Contact us and we'll help!

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