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How to create an email Forwarder

1. Log in to your hosting control panel (cPanel) 

2. Click the FORWARDERS icon

3. Click the ADD FORWARDER link

4. Give the forwarder a name and enter the Destination address to be forwarded to.

Email forwarders are very useful for many purposes, especially for cutting down on the number of actual POP email accounts that you need to create and configure, and also to have a single email address disperse mail to multiple other email addresses.

EXAMPLE 1 - Let's say you want to have a few email addresses such as sales@example.com , webmaster@example.com , and info@example.com , but you don't want to have to configure 3 separate actual POP email accounts for them in your email software.

You can create forwarders for each of those addresses instead, and have them forward to whatever other email addresses you wish. Maybe you have one master actual POP email account configured on your domain, such as bob@example.com , and you want all emails to any addresses on your domain to simply go to the inbox of bob@example.com. Simple - just create your email forwarders and have each of them point to bob@example.com.

EXAMPLE 2 - Let's say you have 5 partners at your organization that should all receive copies of emails sent to sales@example.com forwarded to their individual email addresses. Simple - just create 5 forwarders for sales@example.com , pointing to the actual email addresses of the 5 partners at your organization.

Forwarders make it easy for you to cut down on technical issues, tedious email configurations, POP account issues, and more. Take advantage of forwarders - they will save you headaches in the long run.

IMPORTANT NOTE! - Forwarding to other providers and popular webmail services like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, MSN, etc... is NOT recommended. Back in 2013-2014 many free webmail services began implementing policies that make Forwarding domain emails to them problematic, and Forwarding to them can cause email service interriptions. For example - if you generate a lot of junk mail on a domain account and have it set to Forward to one of those services, they will likely begin marking your messages to other users as spam and you could run into max defers / failures limits due to the remote service rejecting your messages, and if you trigger max defers, users who send you messages during the remaining minutes of the 60 minute period will also receive their message to you bounced back to them.. Therefore it is recommended to NOT create forwarders to other ISP's and other mail service providers (except for very brief temporary purposes such as setting up Gmail to handle your POP account access). 

Click here to learn more about max defers / failures caution with Forwarders.

Click here to learn about using a remote webmail service to handle your domain emails. (The example used is Gmail, but other such services such as Yahoo, Outllook, Hotmail, etc... can also be used similarly).

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