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How to create an actual EMAIL ACCOUNT

1. Log in to your hosting control panel (IE: cpanel.example.com or example.com/cpanel/ - replace example.com with your actual master hosting account domain).

2. Click the EMAIL ACCOUNTS icon

3. In the Add Email Account section, fill in the following form fields:
Email - Enter the name you want use (for examples, sales or contact or a person's name).
Domain - Use the drop-down menu to select your preferred domain (if you have more than one).
Password - Create a password of your own that's very hard to guess (or use the password generator). Either way, make note of your password, you'll need it.
Mailbox Quota - A limit of 80MB or less is recommended, since you'll be downloading your messages from the server to keep your account clean / not waste storage. (We strongly recommend never using the "unlimited" option).
4. Click the CREATE ACCOUNT button. This will bring you to an auto-configure client option, but we recommend you say NO to auto-configure, and instead - manually configure your email client instead by following one of our videos linked below.

See a full step-by-step video tutorial at https://www.saratogahosting.com/tuts/09/createpop.html 
One you have created an email account on the server, you may want to configure your email software on your computer to work with it. Here are some helpful videos:
A popular newer method for handling domain email is to use Gmail for your mail client - click here for steps to use your personal free Gmail account to handle your domain email.
- When you get ready to configure your email client software, it's handy to know which ports for Incoming/Outgoing server will work best. Click here for mail server ports and configuration recommendations.
- If you configure an email account in your email client software (such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Eudora, etc...) make sure you have your auto-checking feature set to check for email no more often than every 5 minutes (10 or 15 minutes is recommended). The reason for this is that our mailserver uses flood protection and only allows you to check email 60 times per hour (basically once per minute) and if you exceed that limit it can temporarily block your access to the mailserver for up to 30 minutes. Setting your email software to check only every 5, 10, 15 minutes or higher helps you avoid too many logins and gives you some room to manually click your check email button in your email software when you need to.

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