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Accessing your email account through Webmail

While the preferred and recommended methods of accessing your email account are through your own email software on your computer (such as Outlook, Outlook Express, etc...) or through an existing free webmail account (such as Gmail) , your hosting account does come with Webmail features as well. The webmail features in your hosting account are handy for situations when you're having trouble with your local mail client or if you need to test your email password.

To access your domain email accounts through Webmail here on your server:

1. Go to  example.com/webmail (replacing example.com with your actual domain name)

2. When prompted for a username, enter the full email address that you are trying to access (such as joe@example.com, replacing joe@example.com with your actual email address)

3. Enter the password that you assigned to that email account (this is the password that you assigned to the email account when you created it, not your master hosting account password)

A successful login will bring you to the option to choose a Webmail interface - either Horde or RoundCube. The differences between these interfaces are many, but to put it simply - Horde is feature-rich and RoundCube is pretty to look at.

To access your domain email accounts through popular free webmail services such as Gmail: - click here for an example of how to set it up.

IF YOU DO NOT REMEMBER THE PASSWORD FOR AN EMAIL ADDRESS YOU CAN CHANGE THE PASSWORD FOR it IN YOUR cPanel BY CLICKING THE "EMAIL ACCOUNTS" ICON AND USING THE FEATURES WITHIN. If you don't know how to access your cPanel click here for easy instructions and a even video tutorial. If you have forgotten your master cPanel login or would like assistance please contact us.

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