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Transferring your existing domain registration

This process may seem difficult if you've never had to do it, but you can do it (and we can help you). You will simply need to exercise some patience and follow the steps properly. We are happy to assist you if you run into difficulty, and we have provided the basic steps below that you'll need to take in order to transfer a domain name registration from one registrar to another.

IMPORTANT NOTE - in order to do the transfer, the email address listed on the Administrative Contact for the domain name must be a valid email address that you have access to. If the admin contact email on your registration is not one that you have access to, please contact us before going further.

No matter if you are transferring a domain to our registrar or away to another new registrar, the following guide will help you get started...


1. Unlock The Domain at Current Registrar AND Disable Privacy
 Log in to your existing current registrar (where your domain name is currently registered) and make sure your domain status is not "locked". Most will have a setting that allows you to change the status to "unlocked" or "turn off domain protection" so that you can transfer it. You must also turn off / disable Privacy if you have a privacy feature activated on the domain's registration.

2. Obtain The Transfer Authorization Code from Current Registrar
 While you are still logged in to the current registrar, obtain the authorization code for transferring the domain(s). Some registrars call this the "Auth Code", some call it an "EPP" code, others call it a "Transfer Authorization Code" or "Domain Secret". At most registrars there is a section in your domain registration account to click to view your Auth Code / Domain Secret or have it sent to you (for example - in some registrars it is in the "Security" section of your registration, and at other it's in the "Locking" section). If you have trouble obtaining your Domain Transfer Authorization Code please contact and we will help you. We can tell you how your current registrar supplies Auth Codes and how to get them.

3. Initiate The Transfer
 Once you have disabled Lock, disabled Privacy, and received your Transfer Authorization Code, you can then initiate the transfer to the new registrar. Whether you're transferring a domain in to our registrar service or to any other registrar service, there will be an option there to start a domain Transfer. TO START A TRANSFER IN TO YOUR OWN ACCOUNT SARATOGA HOSTING DOMAINS JUST GO TO THIS LINK - http://domains.saratogahosting.com/domain-registration/transfer/index.php

4. Fill out the online forms and submit the transfer request. A transfer can take up to a week but usually we can help you get them done within 2 days, and there is a section in your account with most registrars that will allow you to monitor the status of the transfer. Be sure to CHECK THE STATUS DAILY until it completes, because sometimes input from you may be required to finish the transfer. 

Please contact us if you need any assistance.

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