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How to update your name servers

You will need to know two things:

- The registrar where you registered your domain.

- Your login to your domain registration account. (If you have forgotten it, there is usually a "forgot your password" link near the login box on most registrar sites.)

Once you are logged in to your domain name registration management account, normally it goes like this:

1. Inside your registrar you'll find several domain management options (many have a "MANAGE DOMAINS" or "MY DOMAINS" section). You want to find the section that will allow you to update your nameservers, so depending on which registrar you use, it may be described as one of the following:

- "Update Your Nameservers"
- "Change Your Web Host"
- "Change Your DNS"
- "Manage Your DNS"
- "Update DNS"

(If you have difficulty finding the right option, or don't know who your registrar is, you can contact us for assistance.)

2. Once you click on the correct management option, you will be allowed to enter new nameservers. To host your site with Saratoga Hosting, enter/update the following as your nameservers:


You should enter ALL 4 nameservers if you can for redundancy purposes. In other words, if ns1 goes down, ns2 can take over, etc...

Once you have submitted the nameserver update, it takes anywhere from 15 minutes to 48 hours for your registrar to completely process the update.

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