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Do I have to transfer my domain registration order to host my site with Saratoga Hosting?

No, you don't have to transfer your domain registration to us if you don't want to - you can simply update/change the Nameservers on your existing domain registration to our name servers and that will point the domain name to our servers, which makes you able to host your site/domain with us.

If you have a domain name registered somewhere else, just change the nameservers on the registration to the following and you can host is here:


Note - Although you do not have to transfer your domain registration to our registrar services, you can do so if you wish and you won't lose any years of registration you've already pre-paid for at your old registrar. If you'd like help transferring your domain name registration from your current registrar to our registrar service please submit a ticket and we'll be happy to assist!

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