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PayPal automatically cancelled subscription

Usually the only occasions when PayPal will automatically cancel a subscription without sending payment failure notices first are:

A) IF YOU USED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT - When your funding source has changed somehow - expired credit card on file or outdated BACKUP funding source are THE most common reasons.


B) IF YOU USED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT - When you have changed your funding source details in some way but didn't update the funding source on your subscription in your PayPal > Profile > Money > Preapproved Payments section. (You can see a screenshot of that section by clicking here)


C) IF YOU DID NOT USE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT - If you used a direct Credit Card or Debit Card for your subscription without a PayPal account, and the card is expired / changed / cancelled, then the subscription will cancel and we'll just send you a link to start a new subscription.


Just contact us and ask for your re-subsrciption link and we'll simply send you the link to start a new subscription.  (Usually we will see that a subscription has been cancelled and proactively send you a new subscription link).

COMMON QUESTION - Many people ask why their subscription cancelled if they have money in their PayPal account and have a valid bank account linked to it. The answer is simply this - PayPal requires that a current/valid Credit Card or Debit Card be set in order for your recurring automatic subscription payments to function. You could have a million dollars in your PayPal account and in your Bank Account, but if the Backup Card on file for your subscription is expired or invalid then PayPal will still fail to process the payment. We have asked PayPal why this is, and the answer we get is that they're required by certain regulations to require Subscription customers to have a valid Card on file as the Backup source for automatic recurring subscriptions.

WHAT WE HAVE DONE TO TRY TO HELP -For many years (going back to at least 2004) we have repeatedly contacted PayPal MTS (Merchant Technical Support) about the Subscription customer's experience and we have suggested that they should simply place a "Manage Subscriptions" button in your main PayPal menu, and also suggested to them adding an alert so that when you log in to your PayPal account it would give you a link saying something like "Your subscription backup funding source is outdated - click here to fix it". We've even suggested on several occasions that they should include all of the Subscription "how to's" in their Help articles and FAQ's. However, for whatever reason, as of November 2016 PayPal still has not taken those suggestions into production.

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