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All of our hosting plans give you the ability to create sub-domains, Addon domains, and Parked domains right from within your hosting control panel (cPanel) with us. 

Before you attempt to use ANY of those features, you need to know the following rules (and you should read all of the articles in this section or better yet - contact us first):

If you create an Addon Domain in your cpanel, do NOT first create a sub-domain for it or park it. Our cpanel system will automatically create the necessary subdomain entry, and Parking a domain completely defeats the purposes of creating an Addon domain (and will cause DNS problems).

If you Alias (formerly known as Park) a domain do NOT also make it an Addon domain or create a subdomain for it.

Subdomains are ONLY for creating a prefix for an existing top level domain in your account. Do NOT create a subdomain that is actually a fully qualified top level domain.

If you don't understand any of this, contact us BEFORE you attempt to do anything with addons, parking, or subdomains. We will provide you with instructions to achieve your goal, and help you avoid costly mistakes that can ruin your hosting account.

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