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How to create an Addon domain and what Addons are for

Before we begin:
All Saratoga Hosting plans come with the ability for you to host multiple domains under one hosting account. The number of domains you can host under one plan depends on the plan you are on.
This is a semi-advanced feature that's easy to use but you might consider contacting us for guidance before attempting it if you're not experienced with the Addon Domains feature yet.

What is an Addon Domain?
Our Addon Domain feature allows you to create more than one web site under a single hosting account. Let's say for example that you currently have "example.com" hosted with us as your master account web site, and you'd like to host another web site called "yourotherexample.com" under your master account and sharing the same disk space / resources. You can do it with the Addon Domain feature in your hosting control panel.

How to create / set up an Addon Domain:

1. Register the new domain name (if it's not already registered) and make sure the nameservers are set to:

2. Log in to your hosting control panel for your current master account, and click the Addon Domains button.

3. In the "New Domain Name:" field enter the new domain name WITHOUT the http:// and WITHOUT the www.

4. In the "Username/directory/subdomain Name:" field - you should let the Addon Domain feature automatically make these settings for you, which it will do once you have done step 3 above and then clicked down to the next field (as demonstrated in the video at https://www.saratogahosting.com/tuts/09/addondomain.html ). However, you can enter a custom username for this new domain's hosting account. If you choose to create a username manually, make sure this username will NOT also be the username of an email account, and NOTE that this username will ALSO become the folder name inside your /public_html/ folder where the new web site will be stored.

5. In the "Password:" field enter a password that will be used for the FTP login for this new Addon Domain. (It is recommended that you NOT use the same password that you use for something else, such as another email account or other hosting / FTP account).

6. Click the Add Domain button.

Those steps will create a new active domain hosted under your existing account, and you can build your new web site within the folder that it created ( /public_html/example.com/ or /public_html/username/ depending on which method you chose in Step 4)

If you do not know what you're doing, CALL US FIRST and we will walk you through it. It is important to avoid mistakes with this feature!


You should carefully consider the future of this new domain before making it an Addon Domain. Having an Addon Domain and creating a web site for it under an existing master domain account can present complications if you plan to ever get rid of the master domain / account. For example, if you create an Addon Domain, build a web site within it, and then add scripts that use databases (such as forums or photo galleries) it can possibly make it difficult for you to ever move the Addon Domain to it's own master account.

In any case, it is strongly recommended that you call us first to discuss your plans and the details involved before creating an Addon Domain

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