Hello AOL user,

Do the pictures and graphics on web pages look fuzzy, blurred, or blocky to you?

Have you noticed that those same graphics look fine on a computer that does NOT use AOL?

Most likely your answer is yes, and this is why:

When you install America Online, it enables something called "Image Compression" in order to conserve AOL's bandwidth and make your AOL connection seem faster than it is. What this means for you as that you will see DEGRADED, BLURRY, and/or BLOCKY images on some web pages.

BELOW ARE TWO SETS OF STEPS THAT FIX THE PROBLEM - The first set was learned right from the AOL Help Site, the second set was how we did it. Depending on your version of AOL, one of the two sets of steps should work for you.

  1. On the AOL toolbar, click the Settings menu, then click Preferences
  2. Click the Internet Properties (WWW):.
  3. Click the Web Graphics tab
  4. Under Web Graphics select Never compress graphics
  5. Click the OK button.


  1. Click on Settings at top of your AOL screen
  2. Click on Index if it's already selected
  3. Click on Browser Settings in the left column under B
  4. Click on the AOL Browser tab
  5. Under Web Graphics tab select Never compress graphics
  6. Click the General tab and click the Delete Files button
  7. Click on OK

You may need to shut down AOL (and any browsers) and restart them before the fix takes affect.

The result? You should now see pictures and graphics appear crisp and clean on web pages, no more fuzzy / blurry / blocky images.

Please note - although these steps have been safely tested and work great for many users, we will not accept liability or be held responsible for problems or support if you choose to use them. We are simply providing this information as a convenience and favor to other users.

AOL USERS CAN ALSO CONTACT AOL SUPPORT and have them help you turn off image compression if you are unsuccessful.

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