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Spam Issues and Defenses


  • How junk email finds you and defense basics
    HERE ARE A FEW OF THE MOST COMMON WAYS JUNK EMAIL FINDS YOU:1. POSTING YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS OR EMAIL LINK ON YOUR WEB SITE PUTS YOU ON SPAM LISTS.A common technique spammers (junk email marketers) use to obtain your email address is through special software that spiders web pages by the thousands...
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  • Blocking a specific email address or domain from sending you email
    If you know the specific email address or domain name of an abusive user and I want to block them from sending you email, it's easy to do.1. Log into your hosting control panel.2. Click the MailScanner icon.3. Make sure you have the following settings:Spam Scanning - YESLow Scoring Spam -...
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  • Tools we give you to help filter out spam
    Saratoga Hosting has put special tools in your hosting control panel for you to filter out and fight spam! (When you signed up for a hosting account we gave you access to your control panel. Please contact us if you have forgotten how to access it.)TOOL #1 - MAILSCANNERLog in to your hosting...
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  • Using contact forms to curb spam
    Everyone knows that listing your email address right on your web page will get you tons of spam and unwanted emails. It is also a fact that some contact forms still do not hide your email address in the code even though it may be invisible on the page. WE HAVE THE SOLUTION FOR YOU. We can provide...
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  • Whitelisting an email address to have it ignored by your filters
    If you are having trouble receiving emails from a specific user, you can "whitelist" their email address so that are spam filters and scanning filters will ignore them, and let anything they send through come right to you.1. Log into your hosting control panel.2. Click the MailScanner icon.3. Make...
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