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Server and Site Security


  • Protecting your site email addresses from spam and other junk
    Posting your email address on any publicly accessible web page WILL generate junk emails for you, lots of them. A simple solution is to use secure contact forms on your pages instead. If you're using WordPress software for your site (we provide WordPress installs to our customers for free) then we...
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  • How to change your master account cPanel and FTP password
    You can have your master cPanel / FTP password changed simply by contacting us and requesting it be changed. The main reason that cPanel password reset is disabled on the login page is because cPanel themselves consider it a security risk (as do we). There are other important reasons for this and...
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  • Tips for securing your hosting account and data
    1. For all of your accounts (FTP, cPanel, email, scripts, etc...) choose logins that are hard to guess. Use a combination of letters and numbers in your passwords. Don't use the same password for all your accounts and emails!2. Keep all scripts/software (photo galleries, message boards, shops,...
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  • How to prevent hotlinking of your files and what hotlinking is
    The term hotlinking refers to when another web site links directly to files and content on your hosting account from their web site. Hotlinks can quickly burn through your bandwidth. A perfect example of this would be:Let's say you have a photo or an audio file (such as MP3) on your web site /...
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  • How to block a specific IP address from accessing your site
    If you know the IP address of an abusive user and want to stop them from accessing your web site, you have several easy options to do this. METHOD 1: HAVE US DO IT - Simply contact us and give us the IP address of the offending user and details of the activity. Typically if the problem warrants it,...
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  • How Saratoga Hosting helps protect your site and server
    We employ several layers and types of security on our servers to help defend against various types of attacks, AND we keep our server security software updated. We use a combination mod_security, firewall and process tracking, and login failure detection to help prevent most types of malicious...
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