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HTML Coding and Design


  • Info for Photographers
    If you're using any kind of photo gallery script (Coppermine, Gallery, etc...), then yes most likely it comes with the ability to resize your images after you've uploaded them  through the script- BUT, this feature can create resource problems on the server and bog down your hosting account....
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  • Web graphic design basics and rule of thumb
    When you're designing graphics and images for a web page it is important to know the file formats that web browsers can view, and a basic idea of how to create them. The commonly used formats for displaying graphics in web pages are .JPG, .GIF, but also .PNG is occasionally seen in use. This means...
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  • What is the best code editor for HTML CSS PHP and more?
    We often get asked things like "how do I create an HTML file?" and "how do I edit CSS or PHP code?". In our experience - the best software for all types of coding needs is WeBuilder by Blumentals. There are many other products on the market, but a large number of them are lacking important key...
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