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Getting Started and Basics


  • FTP client software for transferring files to and from your web site
    INTRODUCTION FTP Client software allows you to connect to your web hosting account and upload / download files to and from your account. You can also use the "File Manager" tool in your cPanel which is very easy, but for advanced users sometimes FTP software offers extra advantages. Many webmasters...
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  • Where to FTP upload your web site files and folders.
     All files and folders must be uploaded to the public_html folder in your hosting account, and should be uploaded via FTP software. When you log into your server through your FTP program, you will see several folders. The folder you should be concerned with is the "public_html" folder. This is...
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  • Setting the default main page for your site
    The default main page that someone will see when they type in your domain name in a web browser is a file is typicall called "index.html" or "index.htm", and is located in the /public_html/ folder on your server.When your hosting account first activates there is automatically a generic index.html...
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  • cPanel Hosting Control Panel Login Info
    When you signed up for your hosting account we sent you an email with a file attachment containing your cPanel login username and password, and your cPanel link. Your cPanel is your hosting control panel interface that allows you to perform operations such as creating email accounts, forwarders,...
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  • How to change your master account cPanel and FTP password
    You can have your master cPanel / FTP password changed simply by contacting us and requesting it be changed. The main reason that cPanel password reset is disabled on the login page is because cPanel themselves consider it a security risk (as do we). There are other important reasons for this and...
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