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Email Accounts and Forwarders

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Gmail and Google Mail (1)
If you use Google Mail or Gmail services check this out!
Email on Mobile Phones (10)
Help with email settings on your phone.
Inbox Full Email Warnings (4)
How to prevent your devices from leaving copies on server and stop exceeding quotas.
Removing Email Message From Server (5)
How to set your email software to delete messages from the server and prevent inbox quota issues.


  • Accessing POP email accounts
    There are several methods you can use to operate your actual email accounts. Here are just a few... NOTE - knowing the settings for your Incoming (POP) / Outgoing (SMTP) servers and their respective ports is very important. You can click here for important mail server names and ports info. Method 1...
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  • Accessing your email account through Webmail
    While the preferred and recommended methods of accessing your email account are through your own email software on your computer (such as Outlook, Outlook Express, etc...) or through an existing free webmail account (such as Gmail) , your hosting account does come with Webmail features as well. The...
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  • Domain has exceeded the max defers and failures per hour allowed message
    If you receive a message that looks like this: "Domain has exceeded the max defers and failures per hour (8/10 (80%)) allowed. Message discarded." That means - at least 70% of the emails you sent out during the past 60 minutes were addressed to invalid or mis-typed or non-existent recipients. (Or...
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  • Email Account Creation and Configuration
    Click here to watch how to create an email account in cPanel. Click here to watch how to configure your email in Microsoft Outlook. Click here to watch how to configure your email in Outlook Express. Click here to watch how to configure your email in Mozilla Thunderbird. In addition to the...
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  • Email Client rejecting or not recognizing Certificate
    Sometimes an email client is stubborn when it doesn't recognize a new SSL Certificate that has been installed on a server. When you receive a popup warning in your email client saying "Invalid Certificate" or "Unrecognized / Untrusted Certificate" , on most devices and platforms the solution is...
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  • How to create an actual EMAIL ACCOUNT
    1. Log in to your hosting control panel (IE: cpanel.example.com or example.com/cpanel/ - replace example.com with your actual master hosting account domain). 2. Click the EMAIL ACCOUNTS icon 3. In the Add Email Account section, fill in the following form fields:   Email - Enter the name you want...
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  • How to create an email Forwarder
    1. Log in to your hosting control panel (cPanel) 2. Click the FORWARDERS icon3. Click the ADD FORWARDER link4. Give the forwarder a name and enter the Destination address to be forwarded to. Email forwarders are very useful for many purposes, especially for cutting down on the number of actual...
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  • Incoming and Outgoing Mail Server Ports and Settings
    Since various devices and email clients act differently and can have different settings, we've put together a list of common Incoming and Outgoing mail server ports along with the most commonly overlooked important settings for your reference when setting up an email account on your computer or...
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  • No Email Coming in, or Inbox Full Warnings
    If you have an email account set up on your domain with us, and it has suddenly stopped receiveing email, bouncing email, or you have received warnings about your Inbox space becoming full, this article will help you.     TYPICAL REASON - You probably have your email software set to "leave mail...
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  • The DIFFERENCE between forwarders and email accounts
     What is a POP Email Account?In basic terms, a POP account is a "real email account" that you have created on your hosting account from within your hosting control panel. You assign the POP account it's own email address (for example: you@example.com - replace example.com with your domain) and you...
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  • Trouble sending mail? Can't send email? SMTP errors?
    This article is mainly for users who are having trouble sending email from a COMPUTER, but it does contain some information relevant to MOBILE devices as well. However, if you're still having trouble sending email from a MOBILE device then you should also click here for phone related...
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