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Domain Names and DNS


  • Accessing Your Domain Name Registration
    Keeping your domain name registration contacts updated is extremely important, and you should therefore access your domain registration occasionally to keep an eye on things, keep your billing method updated, and most importantly make sure that you have a current valid email address listed as the...
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  • Difference between transferring a domain registration and moving a web site to a new host
    Transferring a Domain Name Registration is different than Moving Your Web Site to a New Host.For starters, here are the basic differences:Domain Name Registration - This is your purchase / ownership of a domain name and it really doesn't have much to do with your hosting (except for the settings...
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  • Do I have to transfer my domain registration order to host my site with Saratoga Hosting?
    No, you don't have to transfer your domain registration to us if you don't want to - you can simply update/change the Nameservers on your existing domain registration to our name servers and that will point the domain name to our servers, which makes you able to host your site/domain with us. If...
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  • Domain Privacy Protection and Theft Protection
    Transfer Lock and Whois Privacy are both highly recommended features to have on your domain registration.   Transfer Lock is a safety feature that prevents your domain name registration from being transferred to a different registrar without you first logging in and unlocking it.   Whois Privacy...
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  • Domain registration / renewal scams - how to protect yourself
    One of the latest "fads" in scams related to domain names is now reaching it's peak of popularity and sweeping the globe, and that is the theft of domain registrations and the shady tactic of one registrar trying to scam a customer away from another registrar. Another sort of scam that is becoming...
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  • How to flush DNS cache on Mac OSX
    How to flush the DNS cache (not browser cache) on Mac OSX Disclaimer - although this is a common / widely-used technique for flushing DNS cache, we provide this for informational purposes only and do not provide support or liability for unexpected results on your Mac or ISP. There may be better...
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  • How to flush DNS cache on your Windows PC and why you would
    How to flush the DNS cache (not browser cache) on a Windows PC Disclaimer - although this is a common / widely-used technique for flushing DNS cache, we provide this for informational purposes only and do not provide support or liability for unexpected results on your PC or ISP. Purpose - when you...
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  • How to Park (Alias) a domain name and what Aliases (domain parking) is for
    Creating Aliases in cPanel (formerly known as Parked Domains). This article is for users who want to park a domain name using their hosting control panel here at Saratoga Hosting. NOTE - BEFORE you can park a domain using this method you must have the nameservers on the domain registration set to...
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  • How to perform a whois lookup
    You can do a whois lookup of any domain name by simply going to http://domains.saratogahosting.com/domain-registration/domain-whois-lookup.php The search results will display information about the registrant / owner of the domain, the registrar where the domain is registered, the date the name...
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  • How to register your own domain name.
    Registering a domain name is actually very simple and fast (almost instant).To register a domain name just go to this page - http://domains.saratogahosting.com/ When you start the registration process it will automatically help you check to see if the name you want is available. You will then be...
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  • How to update your name servers
    You will need to know two things:- The registrar where you registered your domain.- Your login to your domain registration account. (If you have forgotten it, there is usually a "forgot your password" link near the login box on most registrar sites.)Once you are logged in to your domain name...
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  • Namesevers you must use to host a site at SH
    Set your DNS routing / nameservers on your domain registration to our nameservers, which will point your domain name to use our hosting. Our nameservers are:NS1.SARATOGAHOSTING.NET NS2.SARATOGAHOSTING.NET NS3.SARATOGAHOSTING.NET NS4.SARATOGAHOSTING.NET FOR MORE DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS CLICK HERE
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  • Transferring your existing domain registration
    This process may seem difficult if you've never had to do it, but you can do it (and we can help you). You will simply need to exercise some patience and follow the steps properly. We are happy to assist you if you run into difficulty, and we have provided the basic steps below that you'll need to...
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  • Updating your DNS nameservers to host your site with us
    If you already own a domain registered elsewhere and you wish to host it with us, it's no problem! You can keep the domain name registered where it is (if you wish) and just update the nameservers on the registration.This is not nearly as hard as it may sound. (But if you are confused by any of...
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  • Will I lose years I've already paid for if I transfer my domain registration?
    In short, no you will not lose any time you've already paid at another registrar if you transfer your domain to our services. Transferring your domain name registration from another registrar to our registration services will ADD a year to your domain's expiration date. The above applies as long...
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