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Billing and Subscriptions


  • Our money back guarantee
    We provide a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee, plus you can cancel any time you wish. Although we've (proudly) never had an unsatisfied customer or a request for a refund, we'd like you to know that we do offer this guarantee!If you contact us within 30 days of subscribing to our services...
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  • Accidental subscription cancellation
    If your subscription was accidentally cancelled just go to https://www.saratogahosting.com/hosting.html and re-subsrcibe to avoid possible interruption of your hosting and email services. We did not cancel your subscription!   PayPal handles all of our subscription processing and only they can...
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  • Upgrade or Downgrade or Cancel a hosting subscription
    To Upgrade or Downgrade to a different hosting plan: Option 1 - You can Click Here and choose the Plan you want to be on, start the new subscription, and within 12 hours your account will be upgraded. (We will also cancel your old subscription for you and send confirmation).   Option 2 - Simply...
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  • Our billing and subscription methods
    All of our hosting plans are based on monthly subscriptions handled through PayPal, and have been for over 10 years. YOU DO NOT NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT - PayPal simply is the Secure Transaction Processor that handles all of the transactions. That way your financial information is never shared with...
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  • My PayPal subscription payment failed
    If you used a PayPal account for your web services subscription here, and you've received an email notice that your payment failed - this article is for you, and the information below will help you fix the problem.   (If you did NOT use a PayPal account; in other words - if you used a Credit Card...
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  • PayPal automatically cancelled subscription
    Usually the only occasions when PayPal will automatically cancel a subscription without sending payment failure notices first are: A) IF YOU USED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT - When your funding source has changed somehow - expired credit card on file or outdated BACKUP funding source are THE most common...
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