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Addon Domains, Parking, and Subdomains


  • The differences and uses of ADDON and SUB and ALIASES domains
    All Saratoga Hosting accounts come with the ability to host multiple domains, the number of which is determined by your hosting plan. The higher your plan, the more web sites and domain names you can host on it.Below is a detailed explanation of how to use and setup these valuable features within...
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    All of our hosting plans give you the ability to create sub-domains, Addon domains, and Parked domains right from within your hosting control panel (cPanel) with us.  Before you attempt to use ANY of those features, you need to know the following rules (and you should read all of the articles in...
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  • How to create an Addon domain and what Addons are for
    Before we begin:All Saratoga Hosting plans come with the ability for you to host multiple domains under one hosting account. The number of domains you can host under one plan depends on the plan you are on.   This is a semi-advanced feature that's easy to use but you might consider contacting us...
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  • Working with Addon Domains
    Click here to watch the Addon Domain video tutorial. Click here for important information about Addon Domains.
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  • How to Park (Alias) a domain name and what Aliases (domain parking) is for
    Creating Aliases in cPanel (formerly known as Parked Domains). This article is for users who want to park a domain name using their hosting control panel here at Saratoga Hosting. NOTE - BEFORE you can park a domain using this method you must have the nameservers on the domain registration set to...
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